Monday, 11 May 2015

Duffy show

Date: 30.4.2015
W.A.L.T: to use amazing adjectives to describe an event.


On Wednesday 29 th april  there was a hilarious duffy show, Everyone was excited. There was this funny young girl called Sienna, and this boy called Duffy.
The show begins!
The girl was so angry she was shouting at her Mum “mum mum can you help me with my homework?”
“no” grouched her mum.
Sienna kept on yelling.
Duffy was getting some books at the Library with his Library card when Sienna came over and interrupted “you must be rich buying all those books with your visa card”. Everybody laughed. Duffy replied“no this is a library card and i’m borrowing books”.

Duffy started to explain why she should like books. He commented “if nobody could read everyone would be zombies”. Then something happened. An ugly terrifying zombie came slowly walking around them... but it was just their imagination. Then Duffy gave her an awesome book about Harry Potter. As she was reading the book a mysteriously strange thing happened. Harry Potter and his Teacher appeared out of no where! Harry and his teacher put  these furry grey headphones on and then pulled a plant out of a brown pot. suddenly this very annoying sound gave everybody a shock. The plant was screaming loudly across Tawaraunui. It pierced my ears,  I could not hear a thing.