Friday, 29 August 2014

passion weeks

This week Room 17 has started to do a passion learning project. My group is Hine and Coby I think our group was going very well, what I think we should do better is co-roperate not just bossing them around. What I think I'm looking foward to is making some smoothies and baking and that's what my group is doing. Here is my groups plan I hope you like it.


Thursday, 21 August 2014


WALT use varied sentence beginnings and length

What we were doing is trying to use conjunctions properly. What I think I done well is that I used conjunctions properly like and. What I think I could do better next time is that I should put more conjunctions in there instead of just and.

Broken rusty stair’s were in the old creaky house. Long rusty wood with sharp pointed nails hanging off them. Doors were whacked down, brown mysterious cupboards behind creepy walk ways. Scared people given up trying to clean it, windows were smashed and covered with mist. Dead poisoned rats hanging from the cupboards, holes were in weak walls.
tables and chairs were smashed down, daddy long legs were making humongous webs white tails were as big as your hand.

Friday, 8 August 2014

scary story

W.A.L.T Show don't tell

what we done was a narrative story we were trying to is describe the forest what I done write is that I described what the monsters look like what I could of done is describe more of the forest not the monsters
we done this because it helped us write a narrative.

He was walking he suddenly turned around and saw body’s hanging from the trees, spirits flying around crying. he saw Skulls on the floor on the sharp leafs, then seen blood falling from the trees, he had a look in a cave it was full of dead animals with no skin and bite marks. Alive skeletons  walking around, devils killing people and hanging them and tying them up then something touched him on his shoulder…

once upon a time

we done this a few weeks ago with Whaea Ariana, it helped us a lot with how to structure our narrative, something I done well is that I described the forest, something I could do better next time is put more describing words in their. we were writing a narrative.

Once upon a time a girl named christy went in the magical sparkly forest at a sunny happy time the forest was filled with humongous trees that had 14 apples on them, bushes covered with blue berries some had spike’s sharp spike’s so people can't touch them. Christy had blue eyes; short blond hair and she had light skin. She went deeper into the forest and saw an apple on a bush it looked hard and green she ate it; her face went bubbly and she turned into a green ugly witch with a pointy nose. She walked by the cliff it was a long fall if you were to fall down, it would take 100 years, is her guess. So christy dashed all the way down the hill and came to the beach down by the beach, there were people relaxing, they were almost sunburned and they were all red. They all turned and said ‘WITCH AHHHHHHHH’ in a terrible fright and all ran away. She then went by the water and started splashing and saying ‘I hate being a witch’ in a ugly cranky voice. But something changed, her voice and so did her hands she said ‘that’s weird I'm sure my hands were green’ in a nice smooth voice. She then went for a dive and stayed under there for five or fifteen minutes. Back at home her mum was calling ‘christy where are you it’s lunch time, pancake's christy’ but christy didn't come she was still swimming so she could break the curse. By the time she came out of the sparkly water she turned back, she sprinted home and hugged mum THE END.